Choose Campuses to View in Apples2Apples

To see detailed data and visualizations for your campus, first, select the school district or begin typing its name in the Districts box. Then, click the Filter Campuses > button.

Select the campus or begin typing its name in the Campuses box. Choose only one campus to see how it compares to its closest peers.

To create a custom data table, select more than one campus. You can select multiple campuses one at a time in the Campuses box. You can also select all campuses matching one or more selection criteria. See Help for more details.

When you're ready to see the results, click the Show Me > button.

1. Choose a District to filter the Campuses selection list (optional)

2. Choose a Campus and/or Other Selection Criteria

And show all school districts matching the following criteria.
Show Only Charter Campuses